The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful This is Eve Trailer

So, some good news and some bad news for my Eve Diary, but before I dive into that: holy cow, what an unbelievably brilliant trailer. If you haven’t seen it (which I doubt, since it got over a million views in the first 48 hours after it was posted on Youtube), you *must* stop reading this and watch it first. So – you saw it. Good. Now we can go on. It completely blew me away, and I thought to myself, *finally* I have something I can show to my friends and family who are wondering why a thirty-something with a cool job, great wife and kids, lots of friends and basically everything you could want, would choose to spend so much time in a virtual world… It just captures the essence of Eve Online: the beauty of it, the thrill of PvP, the intricate complexity of it all, and above all, the people who play it and make it such an awesome place to live. Thank you, CCP. Thank you. It hope this trailer draws thousands of new players. You deserve it. Then, the bad news: my solo fights keep ending in a bright ball of fire (on my end). I do feel like I am coming closer and to being in control, but I have been saying that for a while now… In any case, I keep learning and I keep going out. Switched from the dual-web, brawly Incursus that I really enjoyed to a Coercer for a little while, just for the fun of flying one of those sleek and gorgeuous looking Amarr ships. The good news for the diary is that my trading operations (on my alts) are really taking off. I have passed the 2 billion mark; I now have more than a billion in Sell orders at all times, and the other billion is usually being hauled around by Push Industries or Red Frog. As my capital has grown, I have been moving into higher-profit, lower-volume items. I have a limited number of orders available on my trader alt (I did not spend more than two or three weeks training him, I think) and I need to make the most of that. Also, no need to update orders five times a day in those less competitive areas of the market. Some days I hardly sell anything, of course, because of the lower volume in something like the Ishtar market, but when I do sell stuff the ISK comes rolling in, huge waves of it. Very satisfying… Fly safe-ish – see you in space!

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