Life as a Solo PvP pilot

Some of you, my loyal readers, may remember that I moved to Stay Frosty because I wanted to learn how to fly solo, and because I thought Stay Frosty would be a cool place to do so.
Turns out I was right. Now that the initial adjustment period has passed – I’m not on voice comms every night, but that’s perfectly fine, as our chat channels are plenty active – I am having a blast.

Here’s what my time in Eve looks like, most nights. I spend five minutes updating orders and setting up contracts for my trader alts (need to keep the ISK flowing in!), then I log Lynx in. Have a look around local, fleet, corp and alliance chat, and choose a ship from my hangar in Ishomilken. When I say choose, I mean a pick one of three types, assemble it, fit it with one push of the button, insure and undock all within the first five minutes after logging in.
How do I get to undock so quickly? Well, when I moved here, I bought myself 10-packs of some standard PvP fits I got from Kelon Darklight, Eve Uni’s in-house solo expert. That means I bought 10 hulls, and all the fittings and ammo to go with them. I then had them shipped to Isho, and as a result, I now have the choice between a Tormentor fit, an Executioner fit (have not really used this yet), and two Tristan fits. Getting these 10-packs was such a good move, because it means I get better and better at flying these specific fits, because I learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the fitting and the hull as I lose them. Right now I have a few Tormentors and Tristans left, but I have yet to fly the Executioners. I can’t really remember why I bought them, I guess…

So. I undock. D-Scan. Fire up Pirate’s Little Helper – did I mention Yashidza, the maker of that little gem is now in our corp? Because he is, how cool is that? – and check for potential blobs. Then I have a quick look to see if I can match up the D-Scan with the intel from PLH. If there’s a match, and the ship I see on D-Scan matches my engagement profile, I dive in and head for glorious death or an unexpected victory. Pre-OH mods, make sure to have the tactical overlay on, and focus on range control, and hope for the best…

Of course, in reality sometimes you need to spend quite a bit of time looking for that fight. But around Black Rise-Placid FW area, I have always found at least one good fight so far, even though it hasn’t always resulted in kills. Sometimes people get away, and as I become better at slingshotting and manual piloting, I can get away if I don’t like how the fight is going as well.
I had a lot of fun recently in kiting Stabbers as well. They’re cheap and pretty simple to fly – just look innocent and weak, wait until someone burns at you, then fly away and watch them realize that the puny Stabber actually applies its somewhat low 350dps pretty well in this scenario.

So. I’m getting better at this solo stuff, and enjoying the game more than I have in a while, because I’ve seen more direct action. I’ve also been on one small gang roam since I joined Stay Frosty, which was fun as well. Pretty similar to how we used to roam from the LSC in E-Uni, to be honest, if a little less strictly organized.
Next up: trying out the newly buffed battlecruisers now that I’ve trained T2 medium drones!

Which battlecruiser one would be most suited for solo/small gang play in Black Rise? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “Life as a Solo PvP pilot”

  1. If you have good drone skills and want to go solo and you have good armour skills you can try the tripple repp myrm. You could also try a nano cane but from what i hear they not so amasing.

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    1. I’ll look up some Myrm fits. Medium Drones V just completed this week, so that does give me some options…
      I think the Nano Cane is something I need to try at least once, just to see what happens. You know, something to tick off – tried it, been there, done that…
      Thanks for the tip about the Myrm!


      1. Just remember that with solo bc ships you need to be selective with your fits. Think about 2 fits. 1 for bc vs cruisers. Medium drones and medium guns. Then look at a fit vs multiple frigs. Maybe a beefy tank with light drones and small guns.


      2. Good point!

        I was thinking of trying option #2, BC vs a small frig blob first. Too bad that it will most likely die in the first 5 minutes after undocking, because that seems like it would be so much fun.

        I died in a Stabber to a 6-man frigate blob last night, but it took them about 5 minutes to take me down. I only popped one, and let another get away in structure because I had pointed the wrong guy 😦
        Doing this in a BC seems like it make for an even longer fight… Fingers crossed.


      3. Just remember that medium drones don’t hit frigs. You can double Web the frig and then hope they do but most times with drones it will not hit. Small drones for frigates. Minmitar drones for fast ships gallente for dps and amarr drones for something in the middle. Vs frigs you want small drones and small guns.


  2. Another BC to try is the Prophecy, either with neuts or RLML in the highs. They can sport a heavy buffer tank so will last a while, and can sick drones on pesky kiters. Downside of all BCs is that they are slow, meaning most frigs can disengage if they are a little bit careful or avoid getting caught (because of long lock time).
    Could probably do with a medium smartbomb in the highs, just to deal with drones. Something to think about.

    Good luck with flying the BCs. It’s a blast even when you get picked apart by frigs



    1. Sorry for the late reply, Zleepy!

      In the meanwhile I’ve been using a nano Cane with some success, I’ve had a lot of fun and a couple of kills in it. It’s specifically designed around killing frigs and it, well, just works. I’ll check out the Prophecy tonight, seems like fun and it’s a good-looking hull, something that I always find important!


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