I’m Back!

Well, I was never away, to be entirely accurate. Not from the game at least, or from Twitter/Slack or corp forums – but I did let this little blog project die down a little. There’s a number of reasons for that: time being one, as real life kicked in with some more pressure at work; and a general feeling of uncertainty and restlessness being the second and perhaps the most important one.

This restlessness can be seen if you look at my recent corp history. I joined Horde – I think it’s the last thing I posted here, right? I actually really enjoy my stay in Pandemic Horde, but I did not stay long. Weird, huh? I know. But like I said, restless…

Horde was great in the sense that I got involved in the metagame a bit more, I learned to appreciate the non-community at r/Eve, I learned to live in nullsec as we relocated to Querious and took sov there, and the night we evacced from Cloud Ring during Mittens speech will forever be a fond memory. Once we had established our new home in A2, I tasted life as a Hordeling with daily fleets going out under experienced, laid back FCs such as Travis Keikira, Poon and of course the ever calm Catatonic Dawn. Loved their fleets, their FCing style, I learned a lot. Also trained into Feroxes and Dictors.

But after a while the playstyle felt a bit repetitive, and I got invited to apply to Waffles, which I did. I was accepted, and I tried to settle in, but didn’t really succeed. The culture did not really suit me and an unhappy incident where someone lost their temper and treated a newish Waffle rather harshly turned me off completely, so I dropped corp again in disgust. Perhaps I overreacted there – I’ll never know.

In any case, there I was again, looking for a home. I spoke to some ex-EUNI friends and one of them, a friendly aussie by the name of Hezekiah Winter managed to convince me that Mostly Sober, of the Dead Terrorists alliance, would be a good choice. And so I moved on again.

Mostly Sober/Dead Terrorists, a few months in, seems like a good match for me: there’s a good mix of high end low sec pvp (with an ongoing moon war in the Siseide area), random roams for shits ‘n giggles, and of course these days we are part of the dreaded Low Sec Voltron, alongside MC, Snuff, SC, etc. I haven’t gotten much solo action recently, but that’s just because I did not really have time. On the other hand, I did pass a milestone in my Eve career not too long back, as I started flying a T3 cruiser in DT fleets: the Loki. I have not lost it just yet… but that particular milestone will soon come too, I guess!

Something else I’ve started spending time on is helping Hez with his Black Shark Cult newbie corporation/PvP community. It’s an interesting project, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

In the coming days I’ll try to put down some thoughts about how I’ve experienced World War Bee, and about my first experiences with Black Shark Cult. There. That should do it for a come-back post!


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