Black Shark Cult [JAWS] And Me… And You?

In one of my previous posts, I already mentioned that I was spending some time on helping out an out ex-EUNI friend, Hezekiah Winter, to bootstrap his small gang community and corp Black Shark Cult [JAWS].

I knew Hez had been working on something like this for a while now – I’d seen early versions of the dedicated subreddit, and read various wiki guides and tutorials that had been in the making for quite some time. Say one thing about Hez, it’s that he knows how to write guides and is not afraid of walls of instructional text…

Anyway, ever since I joined Mostly Sober – and as a result, became corpmates with Hez again – I could not help but notice how the Black Shark Cult community was beginning to take off, and when Hez told me he was working on turning what was just a loose community of like minded PvP souls into a proper corp, I was intrigued.

I decided to roll a new alt on a second account, started training it into solo pvp frigates, and began to take part in the corporation-building effort. I posted on the corp reddit, joined with my alt, began engaging other potentials Cultists, and generally took my first baby steps towards becoming a leader in Eve rather than someone who takes part in content others have generated, or who flies solo.


So far, it’s been a blast. I find getting solo kills with a two-month old character to be such a rush, and answering questions of people who are genuinely new to the game (or return after a long hiatus) is strangely rewarding!

Something I have referred to again and again in these posts – corp culture – is perhaps the main reason for persevering with this project. There are many other newbie-friendly PvP corporations out there, but I find that each of them lacks something from my perspective, and usually it is the right sort of culture.

  • Eve Uni is a bit too restricted, and the split between campuses does not feel entirely right anymore to me;
  • Pandemic Horde is just way too big these days, even though it can be fun if you like large fleet;
  • Dreddit, BNI and so on all seem to have too much of the shitposting, trolling and at times toxic atmosphere that I can do without.
  • Vagrant Skies, the new player corp that is part of Rixx Javix’s A Band Apart, may be the exception to this rule, but I have not really flown with them yet.

In other words, I’m absolutely excited to help Hez kick off Black Shark Cult, because it’s a chance to create a PvP-centric corp with a decent, friendly corp culture right from the get go, without having too many rules in place. And it’s an environment in which I can learn how to FC, which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but my built-in shyness has been keeping me back for equally long.

So, if you want to engage in and learn about small gang PvP, fly in a small crew of friendly, like-minded Cultists where no one will yell at you, troll you, or use offensive language, then Black Shark Cult may just be for you… Oh, and we just joined faction warfare as well (another aspect of the game I had yet to experience first hand), so plenty of action and ISK making opportunities are guaranteed.

Join us in the “Black Shark Cult” in-game channel, or check out to get to know our mission, read our guides, and see how you can join our Discord channel. Hope to see you all there!


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