Just stating the obvious: the drama lama spat the Dead Terrorists alliance squarely in the face just a couple of days ago, resulting in the corp I am in (Mostly Sober) leaving the alliance, together with another mainly US TZ corp, FUITA.

I myself was not really privy to any of the details, but from what I’ve learned since the split-up, there was unease with alliance leadership that had been brewing for a number of months, and things came to a head due to the uneventful nature of our stay in UMI-KK, where DT were supposed to support Snuff and MC.

Sources? Our corp meeting, and off course them dank leaks on Reddit, if that’s your kind of thing.

My take on this? Not much. I liked some people in DT – Gulsen was great, Saltire was a cool enough FC to fly with, and I’ll be sad to not fly with them any more. Other than that, I’ll see what Sober brings in the future. Black Rise, apparently, which is fine with me, as you can imagine.

One nagging doubt: Sober considers itself to be a “US TZ” corporation. There’s always people up and about in my TZ, but not that much in terms of ops. So… Meh.


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