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Link salad, drama llama edition

So, been browsing the blogosphere and tweetfleet a bit lately, and here is some of the good stuff:

  • CSM members have been swapping alliances, resigning, throwing up dramas and whatnot. It’s all over Twitter and some blogs. Xander moves to PL. Lots of twitter stuff follows. Major Silva promptly switches to CFC. Then resigns less than a day later. Drama guaranteed!
  • Rixx Javix is creating superb art poster-style graphics of his favorite (I assume) ships. Love them, and my personal favorite is the Slicer. I am feeling kind of inspired to do something in this vein myself. Stay posted…
  • On his blog, he’s listed his Top 10 T1 Combat Frigates. A good read.
  • I missed the Titan free for all on Singularity, even though it was tweeted and another one of my favorite bloggers, Sugar Kyle, wrote about it. Oh well. It’s frigates, dessies and cruisers for me for a while yet, I guess.

Link Salad, Monday Morning Style

Some quick juicy links for you information-hungry capsuleers:

  • No Data Available, a lovely rambling post about getting good fights when being space-famous by our favorite Internet Spaceship Pirate, Rixx Javix.
  • Gategate Memes, the best memes floating around the web after the Power Projection Nerf.
  • Eve Online Jump Changes, in which Mabrick suggests tweaking the laws of spacetime in Eve as an alternative solution.

All in all, it’s a bit hard to find interesting reads that are not about the Power Projection Nerf these days. And since I’m still a bit of a noob and don’t do any jumping myself, and because I live in Low Sec, my attention span for this stuff is limited.