Ups and Downs

I had a great weekend off with my extended family – a perfect autumn getaway at the seaside with my in-laws, so lots of good food, quality time with the kids, who had a blast with their nieces and nephews.

Sadly, that also meant I did not get to take part in the defense of Aivonen these past few days, and I saw it fall from a distance only. I’ll try to figure out what went on exactly, as I have another article in the making. If you have any info, back story, tips, reach out!

I was proud to see quite a few of our Black Shark Cult guys take part in defense fleets – our corp shot up the ranks on Zkill for the Caldari faction to the sixth or seventh spot. Well done, guys. Too bad the end result was not different.

Still a great weekend for me personally though. Love vacation.


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